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The tide is turning, Patriots are waking up

Since the election steal of 2020, we’ve been deluged with a steady flood of unbelievably bad news for America. We can now sadly see the consequences of the stolen election: an administration frighteningly aloof, undeterred by plunging poll ratings, refusing to engage the media honestly if at all, waging a lawless persecution of Americans for the benefit of foreign and elite interests. The current illegitimate band of thieves systematically trashes our children’s futures with impunity, because the know are not accountable to voters; they create votes out of thin air! The result is that we find ourselves in the midst of a “cold Civil War” in which the real insurrectionists have already seized and currently occupy the halls of power.


But the tide is turning. Patriots are waking up. Now we can see what the enemies of America have planned. There is no guessing, no mystery. They have shown us with clarity that they intend to transform our free republic into a Marxist, techno-fascist state where the status of “citizen” relegates us to a life of state-prescribed choices, so that our unelected ruling class can callously create a utopia for themselves on our backs. And they are succeeding. Sadly, as I write this, I would give it only a 50-50 chance my sons will inherit a free country. That is intolerable.


When I served as a US Army Plans Officer, I worked in a secure-compartmentalized intelligence facility drafting global contingency plans. I worked with some of the finest officers and enlisted members from all branches of the military and with backgrounds in all types of operations. In that role, I gained perspective and insight into how to connect the dots and see the big strategic picture. Later while executing the invasion of Iraq, I witnessed firsthand how the reality on the ground can tell a very different story from the narrative being pushed by the media.


The perspective I gained in the military leaves me convinced that there is still hope to restore American greatness. We can turn this around, and 2022 may be our last shot. After all, we can’t vote our way out of communism. If we lose, we can be sure they will cement the one-party system and no Republican will ever win again. But to win, first we have to assess our weaknesses. Conservatives for too long have been led around by the nose by those who control the narrative. Faced with a flood of injustices at once, there are simply too many to address. Over and over, we take the bait and spend all our time being reactive, trying to sort out each emerging crime, leaving our unelected rulers free to plan and execute the next, narrative-stealing crime before we have a chance to unravel the last one. And the pattern repeats. Instead, we need to take the initiative and go on offense. We need to stay focused on the central crimes and pursue justice in unity until justice is achieved.  


Another of our weaknesses is how we permit the enemy to prey on our inherent optimism to repeatedly re-offend. Politicians reassure donors that, although we know they lie, cheat and steal, we will just outwork them and “beat the cheat.” Voters watch Tucker and maybe buy some pillows, and hope that will be enough to prevent it from happening “next time.” In short, we fail to demand consequences. This is a failing strategy. We are entitled to consequences for those who have committed treason against us. We must insist that every one of the criminals responsible for the lies and crimes perpetrated against us is held to account.  


The illegitimate cabal that stole our government intends to transform our beloved republic into an authoritarian, Marxist regime. Once we understand that Marxism cannot exist without grievance, we see clearly why they are doing what they are doing. Happy, healthy, secure, and prosperous people tend toward self-government. Scared, poor, unhealthy, unsafe people tend to look to a savior in the form of the state. This is why they are destroying the country and abusing its citizens: not incompetence, it is intentional. They aim to create a ripe field in which the seeds of Marxism they plant in our K-12 schools and universities will bear the fruit of state control. They do this by creating pain and fear in the populace.


How are they doing it? We know all too well: open our border to overtax our public service, healthcare, and education systems, and steal jobs. Flood our young people with deadly drugs from across that open border. Destroy the economy to make us poor. Ruin supply chains to give us a taste of insecurity and fear. Double gas prices to instill anxiety and worry. Weaponize government to persecute political adversaries, while allowing political allies to commit crimes with impunity, and making a show of our powerlessness to deter dissent. Implement social control through education, entertainment, and media. Instill CRT lies and racism in children, teaching them to distrust their own parents.  Fund immoral research to create a bioweapon that cripples the country and use that opportunity to close schools and lock down the economy. Separate us so we don’t communicate, and instead become lonely and depressed. Destroy our businesses and impoverish the middle class. Institute complete social control through vaccine passports, modeled after the Chinese Communist Party social credit system. Permit and even encourage mass lawlessness, violence, rioting, and theft in our cities. Mock science, ignore natural immunity, and mask and force-vaccinate young children. Mock our veterans, hand Afghanistan to the Chinese, and arm bloodthirsty terrorist who have killed hundreds of our servicemembers with $90 billion of your military hardware. Censor us everywhere, and send the FBI for those who are able to overcome the censorship. Steal elections, flaunting their criminality to dispirit us.


They seek nothing short of the complete destruction of our way of life, our great country, and our freedom. They work quickly to overwhelm our sense of reality, so we are too confused until it is too late.


We must decide today how we wish to be remembered. How far will we be pushed? How long will we remain spectators? How long will we watch the unraveling of the work of tens of thousands of brave patriots before us, who sacrificed blood and treasure for what we enjoy today? Because resistance gets more costly each day, and when tyranny comes to your doorstep, it will be too late to resist. If we lose this fight, our story will never be told. They will write the history, and you can be sure it will paint every Patriot as a traitor, a racist, and a criminal.


This is why I am running to be the next Republican representative from Nevada. I’m not an insurrectionist, and I’m not even a politician; I’m a dad, a patriot, attorney, engineer, businessman, and veteran. I’m not an extremist, but the enemies of my children are.  Keep this in mind: they will not stop. They have already gone to far to do anything but double down, because if they lose, they are done forever. This fight ends only one of two ways: freedom wins to fight another day, or is extinguished from the earth for good. Countries all around the world are looking to us to stop this.


The current descent can be halted. We must remember that rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God. The elites know that they have not yet reached the critical tipping point after which their success is inevitable. The only advantage that free citizens enjoy today is the last one we ever will: resistance in numbers. As I write today, it is true that they cannot arrest us all. That advantage can still be relied upon to deliver victory so long as our resolve holds. But that advantage is dangerously close to tipping the wrong way.


As people with open eyes, it is incumbent upon us to use that knowledge to make others aware of the gravity of the current situation to the best of our abilities. Never be censored. We have all heard: "The greatest lie the Devil ever told is that he does not exist." Their path to American destruction relies upon their ability to successfully make us believe they are benevolent and we are foolish, powerless, helpless, and that resistance is futile. This, like everything else that comes out of the government-media complex, is a lie.


We must support true Patriots for office, and reject those who only “self-identify” as Republicans but have no resolve for this fight. We can be sure that if elected, such people will quickly and easily be overwhelmed by the left’s tactics. We must only support candidates who are not afraid to publicly tell the truth about what is going on in this country, who is behind it, and what their aim is.


The evil forces desperately clinging to control of America’s downward trajectory can never afford to let someone like me achieve office, because they know I will never relent, never back down, never be censored, never be intimidated, and will hold them to account. In fact, I pledge the most dangerous thing a candidate can ever promise: If elected, I will not rest until every criminal involved in the current war against America is brought to justice. And they will come for me, because they know I am coming for them. Please help me overcome the suppression, the resistance, and the corruption to help save the country for our kids! 2022 is truly the final hill.


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